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Indian and Sri Lankan matrimonials

    Tamil Matrimonials - In most of Indian and Sri Lankan matrimonial websites your profile and membership are the same. So when you become a member your matrimonials profile is automatically added.

    To keep the quality of the matrimonials profiles, with suyamvara.com only members genuinely interested in seeking suitable marriage partners add their metrimonial profiles after becoming members. So you can contact the profilers with complete confidence and get better response.So becoming a member does not mean that you have a profile to Suyamvara Matrimonials Service .

    Once you have become a member  you can add your profile free. Please note that,  in order to keep the integrity of our matrimonial profiles unlike other sites your matrimonial profile is not automatically added once you have become a member. You can add your matrimonial profile/s any time after becoming a member.


Free membership. Listing your matrimonial profile is voluntary.Add your matrimonials profile free.Add up to three photos and astrological charts free.Bookmark your favorites matrimonials profiles.If you are serious about your future partner  then join us now!

Numerological Analysis

Online analysis numerology analysis. Based on your date of birth and name. Personalized numerological  analysis. List of personalities with whom you share your birthday,lucky numbers, etc.

Astrological Compatibility

No more waiting! Astrological matrimonial compatibility in minutes.Accurate online marriage compatibility. analysis.You need astrological charts both the  male and the female. No astrological knowledge required.Based on Indian and Sri Lankan systems. All  major and minor aspects considered.

Suyamvara Matrimony

Tamil matrimony service is a unique matrimonials service website for Tamils living all over the world. Suyamvara help you to find suitable partners from all over the world. You are welcome to add your matrimonial profile anytime. free. This matrimonial website is open to all people Indian, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, etc. You can search matrimonial profiles by religion Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Sikh, etc. Also you can search by Tamil, Singhalese, Malayalam, Kanada, Telengu, Hindi, Urdu brides and grooms. At suyamvara matrimonials we have we have place for you. Please register as a member of our matrimony website first. Being a member does not automatically add your matrimonial profile to our database. We have made Suyamvara matrimonials most user friendly site, so that any age group can use our matrimony website with ease and confidence. So please submit your matrimonial profile now. Once you have submitted your matrimonial profile, you can also add your astrological charts both rasi chart and navamsa chart to your matrimonial profile. Also you can add up to three photos to your vivakam profile. We have 100s of prospective Indian and Sri Lankan bridesin or matrimonials databses. So why delay add your now! Good luck.!!!


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